Offered by Quebec government, RénoVert is a refundable tax credit for eco-friendly residential renovation.

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Laflamme Energy Star Certified Windows

ENERGY STAR qualified windows and patio doors allow you to save by reducing your energy bills by up to 12%.  Also, they add to your comfort year-round by reducing outside noise, as well as reducing condensation during winter, depending on the humidity level in your home.

CANADIAN STANDARD Performance Results

SuperVision Windows and Doors

PRODUCTS                      Air Tightness            Water Tightness            Wind Load Resistance                ENERGY STAR

(Minimal Requirement)         A1*                                 B1*                                      C1*                               Climate Zone       

PS-3000                                A3                               B7                                   C5                                       C**

AL-3000                                A3                               B7                                   C5                                       D**

VI-3000                                 A3                               B3                                   C3                                      C**

AS-3000                                A2                               B3                                   C3                                      C**

ET-3000                                 A3                               B3                                   C3                                      C**

MS-5000                               A3                                B7                                   C5                                      C**

EN-3000                               A3                                B7                                   C5                                      C**

HC-5000                               A3                                B7                                   C5                                      C**

HB-4000                               A3                                B7                                    C4                                     C**

HA-4000                              A3                                B7                                    C4                                      B**

GA-4000                              A3                                B3                                    C4                                     C**

Sliding Alu 5000                   A3                                B7                                    C4


* Minimum required.  Test results available on request. Tested samples produced results compliant with the CSA A-440.1 standard.  The manufacturer of SuperVision products having ongoing product improvement at heart, these results can change without notice.

 For up-to-date results, visit our Web site at

**Meeting « ENERGY STAR » qualification in your climate zone requires you to choose the appropriate product and glass options.  Windows rated for colder climate zones also meet the zones that are warmer.  For example, a « C » rated window also qualifies for zones « A » and « B » .





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